Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch and shown an interest. Firstly, some introductions. Your station controllers this time around are Phil Coyne and Joe Simpson.

There will be more about us at a later date, but for now we want confirm a few things and set a few ground rules for people who are interested in getting involved.

  1. We don’t have a studio.
  2. All shows will be pre-recorded and sent to us via Dropbox.
  3. We’ll be securing a PPL/PRS download/stream/podcast license to cover music being played on the station.
  4. There will be no explicit, derogatory language, talk of violence, guns, drugs etc on the station. We want to create a station that anyone, anywhere in the world can listen to at home with their family or at work. If you are playing music that has explicit language, it’s up to you to edit those out.
  5. All shows will be vetted before they go in to rotation. If their content goes against the above guidelines in point 4 in any way, you will lose your spot on the schedule.
  6. Shows will be on a semi-rotational basis of 6-10 weeks, dependent on your level of commitment. These can be recorded all in one go if you wish. As long as we have the show a week before you’re due to air it’s not a problem.
  7. Typically we’ll be looking for shows with a length of 1-2 hours. You can do a show on a weekly or monthly basis for now. We may open up bi-weekly and bi-monthly if enough people show an interest.
  8. The website will offer listen again, a live stream and the ability to subscribe to shows via iTunes and RSS. All shows you send through must have the correct ID3 tags with album artwork. We’ll provide information on the format etc once we’re ready to go.
  9. Tracklistings are compulsory. It not only makes it easier for us to report to PPL, but your listeners will appreciate being able to find a track they’ve heard.
  10. Rhubarb Radio is open to anyone, wherever they are. Content doesn’t have to be in English, as long as it follows the guidelines set above.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in being a part of Rhubarb Radio, there are a couple of things we need from you. To aid in the smooth running of the show, we’re asking everyone involved to register as a member. Registration is completely free and by doing so you’re agreeing to the above guidelines. There will also be some terms and conditions which will cover things like use of social media, cross promotion and some other general housekeeping rules.

To register your interest, you can use our contact form and we’ll send you the full terms and conditions with a link to a registration form to supply details about your show.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to provide a demo show. There are free applications such as Audacity that are very easy to set up. Shows need to be delivered to us as MP3 and set at 128kbps. There are lots of links to tutorials available such as this one.

We can provide limited training and support once the station is up and running, but for now we’re interested in the content and music of the show. If you want to provide us with mixtapes, you can do. We have slots available for 1 or 2 hour shows at the moment and the length of your demo show will be the slot you take on the schedule. In future we may be offering 30 minute slots, but they’re typically going to be more for talk based shows.

Once you’ve recorded your show (or produced your mixtape), upload it to WeTransfer/Dropbox/SkyDrive etc and send us the link by either sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter. There’s no deadline for demos at the moment, but we’re looking to have the first 6-10 weeks scheduled and ready to go by mid-September.

Types of Shows

We’re not just looking for specialty music shows. We’d love documentaries, radio dramas, quiz shows, sport and anything in between. The goal is to create a station that has content running 24 hours a day with the ability for listeners to get shows delivered via iTunes and on demand whenever they want to.

We hope the above guidelines are easy to follow, however if you have any questions, please do get in touch. At the moment we’re only looking for people to produce shows. Other roles may become available at some point and we’ll let everyone knows when we’re ready for it.